Our Story

We are Chub Tutu, 胖嘟嘟 in Chinese (pronounced as Pang-Tu-Tu), not 肥嘟嘟 (fat tutu in chinese). Neither are we PUI TUTU ( fat in Hokkien). 
We accept it if you call us Chubby, but we do not accept it when you call us FAT 😛

Chub is short for Chubby. Our name is inspired by our founder, Dennie Ong’s chubby son and she decided to make her Kueh Tutus different from all other Kueh Tutus in Singapore, by making them chubbier. We have a customised mould for each of our Chub Tutus!


Dennie has been in the Tutu trade for 7 years and then finally founded Chub Tutu in December 2016. Chubtutu started off with only the traditional Kueh Tutu flavours. Dennie then decided to introduce 5 new creative flavours to attract kids and the younger generation to try this traditional local snack. But then, she got addicted to creating new flavours! And now, we have over 90 creative flavours, both sweet and savoury. 

We are the 1st and only stall in the World, with special flavours! See our list of flavours here

When Dennie first started with new flavours, she was faced with skepticism by the older generation. Luckily for us, she persisted to launch the flavours anyway and so our tummies get to enjoy the different yummy flavours! Who would know that fresh fruits (and the many other flavours) would blend so well with tutu kuehs! If she never tried, we would have never known! 
Chub Tutu also prides ourselves as the only Themed Live Station Provider in Singapore (if not the world)! 

We have provided live stations for all kinds of events, parties and weddings. Each live station is decorated with a different theme. 

The live station decoration is another of the passion of Dennie. She enjoys carefully crafting every label, plate, dressing up the Tutu Steamer to match your events! 

Up till today, Dennie tries her best to do all the work alone, whenever possible so as to insist on quality of her Kueh Tutus, no matter how difficult it is. We all know for sure that any of kinds of food and drinks that are prepared by the owner is usually the best! 

Say hi to Dennie if you see her at any of our Pasar Malams or events!